Product Information

Cost Change and Procurement Authority

Problem Statement

Every time a new negotiation is completed between a buyer and a supplier the updated prices and minimum order quantity have to be updated.

Process Overview

Firstly this goes through Electronic approval from an approver, of which the grade is dependent on the scale of the cost or change. As a pre-requisite the buyer must fill in several logs which are used for tracking / reporting, these logs typically take around 10 minutes to fill in per part. In addition to the logs four excel forms which track impact need to be created for  approval.
Once the E-signatures are completed the buyer must then go and update one of two third party SAP instances with the new values and update the scheduling agreement to be sent to the supplier.


The solution will receive requests in the form of emailed excel templates, update the logs with all required information and generate the forms. Once completed the robot will provide confirmation back and ask if the buyer wishes to proceed. If the buyer confirms then the robot will raise the electronic approval forms to the correct approvers and once approved update the parts within SAP.

Business Benefits


released for additional work


Increased Compliance