Document Suite Creation

Problem Statement

The business must create a high number of legal documents when a new joint venture partnership is launched or sold. Due to high volumes, manual data transfer and a small team, the business struggles to keep up with demand.

Process Overview

When a joint venture is launched or sold it requires the creation of between 30-40 legal documents. These documents are all created from information gathered through a standard excel input, populated by the requesting party. SME’s within the legal department copies data from the excel documents and pastes into the corresponding field in each of the document templates that require completion. Systems: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader Pro


The digital worker copies data from the inbound excel file and pastes into the corresponding fields in each of the document templates that require completion. The benefits of automating this process include error reduction, quality improvements, capacity generation within the small legal team and an increase in throughput whilst meeting client SLA’s.

Estimated Business Benefit


hours p.a.

Staff Enrichment

Operational Excellence

Digital Benefits

Customer Satisfaction

10-month ROI