Financial Services


Customer Cancellations

Problem Statement

Currently, the customer cancellations process requires 2 FTEs in order to fully contend with the workload. This solution will allow them to redirect their attention to their more pressing duties.


Process Overview

This process is required daily in order to deal with insurance customers who have their cancellation requests sent through by intermediary companies by email.

This process requires 2 SMEs to manage the work coming through. Emails would arrive throughout the day, therefore requiring SMEs to periodically check back in order to fulfil the requests.

The customer cancellations process was also branched out to two separate websites that provided the same customer service as the initial process. A such, what began as a one way process became a three-way branching process which increased the benefits gained by the business.


Systems: MS Outlook, MS Excel, Internet Explorer, Portail



Due to the use of Outlook and the need to read from PDFs, specific steps were needed to be taken in order to ensure the smooth running of the process. Furthermore, extra care needed to be taken with the Aviva home system, periodically met with errors.

Once the process was fully operational, the business reported a time saving of over an hour each day, going up depending on the volume of cases that week.