Financial Services


Fraud Enquiries

Problem Statement

Currently, member fraud enquiries is a process that requires ~2 FTE and divides their attention from additional tasks.


Process Overview

Member fraud enquiries refers to the team tasked with replying to outside insurance providers requiring information on customers suspected of fraud. These emails would arrive on a daily basis, from Monday to Friday, requiring the process to be completed 50 times daily across 2 FTE.

This process constituted an important part of Aviva as it allows them to conduct a fair exchange of information with other insurance providers concerning potential fraudulent clients.

Systems: Aviva Portal (Chrome), Alfa inbox (IE), MS Excel



This solution took into account certain flaws held within Aviva’s Portal system, the most prevalent of them being the Portal’s tendency to crash when faced with overuse. In order to counteract this, the solution was set to start at certain times of the day were there was a lower chance of the Portal crashing. In the event that it did, email notifications were put into place so the relevant people in charge of the Portal could rectify the situation, thus allowing the process to begin anew. Once the solution was fully in place, the business reported a time saving of over an hour each day, going up depending on the volume of cases that week.