Pricing Amendments

Problem Statement

The Trading Division Finance team have to provide updated prices for parts once a request comes in which is simple but time consuming and prone to errors.

Process Overview

The TD Finance team get requests via an email with parts that need a price refresh. These have to be checked for the latest price in 3 systems, before being added to a master tracker and then uploaded in SAP. There are often errors in the prices returned due to the large volume and repetitive nature of the task which could result in providing a customer with the wrong price. Systems: Excel, SAP, Mainframe


The RPA drove data compliance and quality, there was a check on the input document taken from the email to validate the data, and systems were checked to automatically get more supplier data. This was very effective in data mappings and deduplication – RPA can be a great support in Master data Management (MDM) by normalising data (typos, formatting, etc.) and by ensuring that naming/typing conventions are respected, which would get thrown back to the sender if the validation failed, forcing them to get it right.

Business Benefits


released for additional work