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Accounts Receivable

Raising Customer Credits

Problem Statement

Raising credits are required when a customer has missed a service appointment and disputes the payment being taken, requiring credit be added to the account. The business would like to redeploy the associated team members within the process on more value-added activities within the same team.

Process Overview

Approved cases are allocated to the AR team, via a report downloaded from the internal system containing cases that have reached the approval stage. Using this information the SME enters the system and finds the relevant account and raise credits against them. 2 FTE are allocated to this process full-time and another 2 part-time.  There are 3 main reasons for which credits are raised each having similar process steps. These reasons comprise of 87% total cases which go through. Systems: Central System, MS Outlook, MS Excel


The report is downloaded automatically from the internal mainframe by the virtual worker each day, once the report has been received, the then identifies the customer account and raises credit against it. Robiquity recommended that limits were used so that cases above a set threshold requires human approval.

Business Benefit


hours p.a.

3.2 FTE

Released for additional work



Operational Efficiency