Product Information

Supplier Amendments

Problem Statement

The Vendor Master team process amendments to supplier accounts requested internally by business stakeholders or the suppliers themselves

Process Overview

Firstly the request comes into the team via an email or eTracker, which needs to be assigned in Salesforce to the Vendor Master team member. The request has 1 of 17 different paths which need to be transacted in SAP. Once transacted, this is sent to the manager of the Vendor Master team for approval. Once approved, this is then closed in Salesforce using information from the input email/eTracker and SAP.


The solution will use the standardised new eTracker format as the only input, which determines which of the 17 paths to work on. It will assign itself the case in Salesforce, then transact it in SAP. It will change to a different set of credentials in order to approve the case in SAP, then will close the case both in eTracker and Salesforce.

Business Benefits


released for additional work


Increased Compliance