Transaction Collation

Problem Statement

The Strategic Buyers have to get 4 documents created from 4 separate areas of the business which could take up to a month to return meaning cash flow was absent from the business.

Process Overview

The Strategic Buyers had to contact 4 departments with similar information which can only be obtained once the previous document is received. This created a lot of time where work is stalled due to waiting for another department to respond, and with the money not being claimed back into the business an estimated £525k was being lost due to missed interest on the cash. Systems: Mainframe, Outlook, Excel


The RPA was used to collect data from various sources and integrate the information into one system either for internal purposes and/or for the preparation of a negotiation or business review, in the form of the documents appearing in one folder at the same time. The queue report for this process helped to understand bottlenecks by crawling file sharing systems, network disks, and emails to collect and gather contracts in one central location. Then, it extracted key terms and stored them as metadata in a contract management solution.

Business Benefits

12 FTE

released for additional work