Utilising technology that consolidates inputs is key in RPA. TrustPortal provide a front end for users to make logging data a simpler process and make formerly complex processes easy to automate. 

With the addition of TrustPortal software, Robiquity customers can achieve the standardisation they’ve been striving for – building out an RPA solution that comfortably accommodates a higher number of automated processes. 


How we can help you during the COVID19 pandemic

We’ve always believed in the power of intelligent automation technology, with its unique ability to help organisations do much more, faster and more accurately – with much less than before.

Therefore, during this challenging time, we’re working tirelessly round theclock to help organisations deal with accelerated demand by providing intelligent automation capabilities – as fast as possible.

We’re already enabling business operations to maintain critical continuity during the unprecedented global challenges presented by COVID-19 - and we’re ready to help your organisation too.

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