Determining Your Business’ RPA Roadmap

Implementing RPA within your business can be one of the best ways to transform your business operations. At Robiquity, we’ve worked with major global businesses to help them understand the benefit of RPA and how to gain value from it, and we’ve seen it work across industries such as automotive, utilities, retail and fintech.

With unrivalled technical expertise and a proven operating model, the team at Robiquity understand how to tailor RPA delivery to your business and its needs. With that in mind, here is an introduction to help you understand the roadmap for introducing RPA into your business.

Introducing RPA to your business

Whether you’re launching your first automation or looking to scale up, we can help you apply intelligent automation quickly and efficiently. It’s important to first understand any existing technical flaws within your automations, including a technical business review to ensure best practices have been followed and the necessary security controls are in place.

We will take the time to understand your current methodology, governance, people and automation quality in order to identify improvement areas, which can lead us to the remedial action that needs taking. This understanding of where your business is currently is crucial in knowing how to help you evolve.

RPA design and education

Assessing how RPA can help your business, and deliver your first digital worker, is an exciting prospect that could make real change to the way your business works. It’s important that key stakeholders in the RPA journey fully understand its benefits, as well as ensuring those involved know their responsibilities in making the solution work. 

At Robiquity we can provide recommendations for automation success, including aligning your processes in order to best facilitate RPA deployment. We’ll be able to begin your RPA infrastructure design and quality assurance Through discovery workshops, we can begin to analyse the benefits and the impact on the business.

Launching a pilot RPA will help us to see a fully tested solution deployed to production, allowing us to further understand current processes. This means we have design and develop the robots more specifically to suit your business needs.

Making sure the business is ready

It’s crucial that the business has a full understanding and is ready to adopt, own and support its RPA capability. At Robiquity we can provide guidance around the processes and roles required for RPA deployment, and help you to establish best practice standards.

We can work with you to design an RPA process and agree a long-term vision for your RPA solution, ensuring you are ready for your digital workforce to benefit the business in a variety of aspects.

What’s more, we can also work with you to create a managed service, with a fully managed and maintained RPA estate with technical oversight on all automations, should you require it.

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