Back Office

Access Control

Problem Statement

For every new starter to a call centre or a high street store, there can be up to 12 system IDs that need to be created. For every staff member who leaves, there is a leavers report generated at the end of every month and these IDs must be manually deleted one by one. This is very time consuming and many emails need to be sent out which can sometimes lead to inaccuracies.

Process Overview

The Access Control team manually create all the required IDs once they receive a new advisor request. Once the IDs are generated which can take up to an hour or more, emails are sent out to the new advisors with usernames on one email and passwords on another. Also an access database is updated logging all user IDs that have been created for each advisor so that the team have a record. Deletion email ID requests are also generated that Access Control team advisors have to manually find and delete at the end of each month.


All requests for new IDs are now sent to the robots inbox where the robot picks these requests up and creates the IDs. These IDs are then automatically mailed out to the advisor and the database updated with the results of IDs created.

Estimated Business Benefit


released for additional work