Product Information

Change Tracking / Validation

Problem Statement

The Engineering Release Specialists spend a lot of time validating Excel documents and sending them back and forth with Engineers when releasing changes.

Process Overview

An eTracker is raised with the specifics of the change, either cost only (08s) or normal. These are taken by the ERS’s and the eTracker and CRIDX (excel) documents attached are validated. If incorrect, the changes are highlighted and sent back to the engineer until they correct the issues. Once the issues are correct, a concern can be raised in WERS by the ERS, which is communicated back to the engineer when complete. Two extra streams of eTrackers (CJLR & Rework) were added 6 months after the project was live.


The solution looks to cycle through the 4 eTracker pages, validating the trackers and CRIDXs. If there is an issue, an email is sent from the ‘Release Robot’ email account set up for the process, instructing the engineers to reply directly to it. Once the update is received, the new CRIDX is uploaded to the eTracker, and the eTracker is revalidated. Once complete, the 08s trackers have their concern raised in WERS, whereas the other 3 types are sent for an ERS to complete.

Business Benefits

12 FTE

released for additional work