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New Starter Contract Creation

Problem Statement

When a new starter is set to join the business, they will receive an employment contract. The UK employment law requires employers to issue an employment contract on /before the employee’s start date to avoid a potential fine of up to 4 weeks wages.

Process Overview

Data is received containing the new starter details to be entered into the contract. There is a standard set of clauses to be included and a list of variable clauses which require rules-based decisions. The contracts are organised in a folder structure on the SMEs desktop. Once the contract has been populated with data, MS Dynamics and localised terms (and conditions), templates for the front cover, signatures and formatting can be completed before sending to the individual new starter and their line manager. The process is completed ~180 times monthly taking ~30 minutes per contract – there is also a small backlog which presents a risk to the business based on employment laws. Systems: MS Outlook, SharePoint, MS Dynamics, MS Excel, Adobe PDF Reader


The process is triggered by an MS Dynamics Workflow being allocated to a workers case-load, from here the Virtual Worker retrieves the data to populate the contract. Currently this is taken from PDF, MS Dynamics and the localised terms; the information required for completion is then compiled within in an Excel table for processing by the Virtual Worker.

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