Customer Service

30 Day Return Credits

Problem Statement

When a customer returns a phone within 30 days, they require a credit on their account for the line rental and handset cost that they have incurred within the 30 days. Advisors must answer customer calls and run a manual check to see if the handset has been returned by the customer.


Process Overview

A call is received into customer service, a manual check is made on the IMEI of the handset to make sure it has been returned. If it has been returned a credit is then manually put on the customers account. If the phone is not back in stock the customer must call back in a few days to check again.

Systems: ABS, DISE, CUK



All requested Bars/Unbars are now captured on a structured online form which is then sent to the robots to pick up and action. If the robot checks and cannot find the handset has been returned then the case is deferred for a few days and a second and then third check is made a week later. Customers made aware of when changes are complete via email or text message if available.