Is There A Place For People In RPA?

By Robiquity

The biggest fear among workers today? Being replaced by robots.

As technology tightens its grip on every industry, there’s a growing concern that machines are taking precedence over human beings. Panic has risen among the masses, with increasing evidence suggesting that robots are in, and people are out.

As a result, some businesses are wary about implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in anticipation of alienating staff. However, embracing robots is actually beneficial for most workers. This is because it will push people into more rewarding, stimulating roles… and away from dull, laborious tasks on production lines.

The tough part is getting employees to see these benefits and understand how they fit into this modern way of working.

Why people in RPA matter

It’s all well and good having top technology in place. However, it won’t run effectively without the right people behind it. And it isn’t just about bringing aboard a techie. You need someone behind these ‘bots who can put them to work in the most effective way possible.

We discussed this topic in great detail during a Blue Prism Café alongside our clients Loblaw, reflecting on the necessity of strong personalities in RPA. Ultimately, we concluded that you need staff with technical ability, industry-specific knowledge (for the client in question) and communication skills to boot.

At Robiquity, we hand-pick staff with the necessary qualities and teach the appropriate skillsets for each individual client. Every business is different, which is why we approach RPA solutions in a bespoke way, every time.

Change Management must also be considered during the deployment of RPA, providing your team with the awareness and motivation needed to embrace it and understand the benefits. By communicating RPA correctly and encouraging everyone to get involved, you can present robots as beneficial, rather than threatening.

Utilise the power of people in RPA with Robiquity

At Robiquity, we favour an approach that promotes the power of people in RPA – and human beings are at the crux of our innovative ScaleSafe solution.

The key to success in RPA is scaling up your solution as demand dictates. This is where many businesses tend to run into difficulties. However, putting people at the forefront of your solution – rather than robots – is the answer to sustained results and a high return on investment. And that’s exactly what ScaleSafe is all about.

We ensure you have a completely committed, fully-trained team at your site within a matter of weeks. Our bonded contracts also prevent bigger companies poaching your pros as you scale. Ultimately, you enjoy great talent for the long-term.

With Robiquity, people are a top priority. For more information, get in touch by heading to our contact page.  Alternatively, fill in our online form, call us on 0161 974 3244 or email our team at