What Should You Look For In An RPA Partner?

You need to do your due diligence before selecting a partner to deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Not only will this organisation play a massive role in how your company operates moving forwards, but they will also be an influential factor in your overall success. As digitisation in the workplace increases, finding a trusted expert to support you with your automation services has never been more important.
Before choosing an RPA partner, you need to be aware of the pivotal traits that only the very best specialists share. It’s not all about how much and fast they can deliver. And if you’ve already experimented with RPA in the past to no avail, you’ll already know that things can go very wrong, very quickly.
To help you identify a strong, dependable RPA provider, we’ve listed the qualities you should look for.

Tailored support

RPA is becoming more popular, but too many businesses are applying it in all the wrong ways.
Whilst it can be tempting to splash out on a massive digital workforce to get everything running at twice the speed, diving in doesn’t work. Not every process is suited to automation – and you need an expert to help you determine which routes are ripe for RPA…and which you should avoid.
Always seek out an RPA provider who advertises tailored support. All-in-one packages don’t work in this sector, as you will never get to the crux of the issue and spend most of your time fighting fires rather than putting them out.
When you make your inquiries, ask the potential partner in question: How would youresolve this problem? The more specific the answer, the better.

Proven reputation

RPA is the buzzword in business right now (with good reason) and many tech companies are getting in on the act by expanding their services to incorporate RPA offerings.
This is where things can get tricky – as it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the top firms from those who offer RPA as a sub-service. The key to identifying the best partner is by looking at their reputation. If they are well respected within the industry, with years of great work behind them, then you can rest assured they have the capacity and ability to serve your company.
Robiquity, for example, has won the Blue Prism Training Partner awardfor two consecutive years – demonstrating our ability and knowledge in RPA as well as the highest respect from an esteemed RPA name.

Scale as required

Your organisation’s needs are likely to change moving forwards – and your RPA solution will need to be adjusted to keep pace.
That’s why it’s imperative to have an RPA partner who can scale services quickly and painlessly. When you find a collaborator such as this, you can add digital workers at will without breaking the bank, and prevent cash flow problems from occurring as a result of automation lagging behind.
If your RPA partner can’t – or won’t – scale, they’re not right for you.

RPA solutions with Robiquity

We’ve been providing the very best RPA support to some of the biggest organisations for years – and it’s all because we exemplify each of the attributes listed above.
If you need support implementing RPA at scale, there’s no better team to turn to than Robiquity. Our skill, experience and passion for each and every project will ensure you always get the best results.
Give us a call on 0161 974 3244 or send a message to info@robiquity.comand we can kick off discussions right away. Together, we’ll find an RPA solution that’s perfect for your company.