HR Dispatching

Problem Statement

For every job position requisition created in SAP a corresponding entry is automatically created in an internal system. Until the entry is ‘Dispatched’ the recruitment process can’t start and the position can’t be filled.

Process Overview

The current process calls for someone to manage the queue and manually process the entries, this can cause unnecessary delays in the recruitment process and consume a high level of admin effort. There are some clear business rules that are applied as data input and some checks that are performed in SAP to secure the correct handling and positioning of the entries. Where the recruiting manager has multiple positions of the same type a Parent / Child relationship is created to simplify the approval and recruitment campaign management. This relationship can be seen in SAP and requires a specific flow and linking in to the internal system.


The solution will work through tickets within Success factors, mapping out all child/parent relationships, before extracting necessary data again SAP and either dispatching or rejecting the job position.

Business Benefits


released for additional work