Customer Service

Returns Process

Problem Statement

All customer refunds are processed by a wide team of representatives and managed in and around their daily activities; picked up ad hoc; when there is time to action. Each refund takes four minutes to process and requires the representative to manually calculate the amount due back to customers. Not only is this a time-consuming process, but it is also prone to human error with refunding incorrect amounts.

Process Overview

Customer Representatives receive two reports detailing which orders have been cancelled and / or returned by a customer. The Representatives review these reports manually and work down the list actioning refunds on to the system, double checking to see if a refund has been actioned by another Representative. Systems: MS Excel, MS Outlook, Serv-U Portal (web)

Developed Solution

The robot accesses the Customer Services reporting suite and runs the refund report. The bot checks the system and filters out orders that have already been refunded (via calls or other means). The report detailing outstanding refunds is used by the bot to perform the system refunds. The bot calculates and validates the refund amounts and then processes the return on the Customer Services system. A digital worker now manages the entire end-to-end process and has reduced the handling time from four minutes to only 5 seconds. Customer Services Representatives no longer need to spend time managing this process, providing 1250 annual hours back to the business and improving the customer journey resulting in great customer feedback.

Estimated Business Benefit


hours p.a.



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